My Roswell Incident

Once upon a time, in kicked up Kerrville dust, I met a fellow who lived near Area 51 who reminded me of the Roswell Incident. Right then and there, I decided that the Roswell Incident was an American legend in need of a folk ballad. So I wrote one. Click on link at right or xcroll down to listen...

The city of Roswell, New Mexico invited me to perform my song in 1997 for their 50th anniversary celebration banquet in Hangar 84 at the former Roswell Army Air Field where the crash debris was originally stored.

Mayor Tom and Mia Jennings avec moi:

To commemorate the event, I pressed a limited edition of hand-signed EPs with a fresh, solo version of The Roswell Incident and a few other songs including "The 3 Dreams of J. Robert Oppenheimer" from Souvenir, which is sort of a companion piece.

Another version of The Roswell Incident appears on Ephemera.
Listen to this version.
The Roswell Incident

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Suzanne McDermott
Buy a copy of the original EP. No longer available.

While in Roswell, I met the cast and crew of Six Days in Roswell. I am featured singing my Roswell song over the end credits of the mockumentary film.

I also met Jesse Marcel, Jr. whose father, former Major Jesse Marcel, was charged with clean up of the original debris. I actually quote him (as a child) in the song. Late one night, I played the song for him, his wife and a couple of their children in their hotel room.

As I wandered through Roswell during the 50th anniversary celebrations, I got the feeling of being deep inside a Ray Bradbury story.

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